Creating high-performance workspaces, industrial and office, for a fraction of conventional cost.

PlaceValue offers a revolutionary way to lease, buy or build industrial and office workplaces. With our planning and procurement tools, mid-market firms get world class workspace for a fraction of the conventional price. Guaranteed. We accept all of the risks for project outcome. You pay us only when we deliver as promised.

Delivering high-performance office and industrial environments for a fraction of the cost of conventional methods is our only job

The power of design thinking. The leverage of supply chain management.

PlaceValue isn’t just doing things differently. We’re doing different things. In sharp contrast to project management firms who primarily chaperone your project, PlaceValue leverages best practices in workplace planning and procurement. Every element of the project scope is modeled and budgeted in our 4 D model. Our team oversees projects across the country, on the lookout for breakthrough pricing and practices. When we spot them, we engage every vendor to adopt the best practices and continuously improve. We’re not monitoring the process, we’re defining it.

Using our tested, methodical process, we turn your space into your place

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Did you know?

Did you know that 87% of companies report that they had to settle for less than they’d expected in their move to their new workspace, due to budget overages and/or time constraints? Or that it ended up costing an additional $36,000 when people tried to manage this unwieldy process on their own? No wonder so many people dread workspace changes. We recognized the need for a better process, one that streamlined all of the elements, from procurement to project management, and added in-depth, front-end planning as well, to significantly reduce waste and headaches.