About PlaceValue

What We Do

As the commercial real estate industry’s leading independent strategic workplace planning, procurement, and project integration firm, we deliver high-performance workspace at a fraction of the conventional cost.

We bring big company clout to mid-market America.

Using state-of-the-art tools and practices you could never access on your own, we help the C-Suite create multiple scenarios, all on our dime. When the plans become actionable, we guarantee the outcome and deploy a team with deep subject matter expertise from across the entire workplace supply chain.

Where We Started

Back in 2009, our methodologies and strategy were next-generation ideas whose time had come. We invested heavily in proving the model, and conducted rigorous market testing, which continues today. Even with our high expectations, what we learned surprised us:

  • Developers and building managers experienced a 30% reduction in construction expense when using our process.
  • Occupiers saved millions of dollars over the lease term. In addition, they experienced these savings under multiple scenarios: fast growth, downsizing, moving, and staying in place.
  • Our aggregate buying clout delivers finished, furnished space for less than tenants led by commercial real estate firms were paying for a cold shell.
  • Evidence-based design methodologies deliver double-digit improvements in productivity in both office and industrial facilities.
  • Projects were consistently completed in one-third of the time compared to the conventional model, all without change orders, cost overruns, or unfulfilled promises.

Our Team

The PlaceValue team consists of professionals in strategic workplace and logistics planning, branding and identity, industrial facility modeling, 3-D visualization and budgeting, commercial real estate brokerage, integrated project delivery, and leveraged procurement.

We are truly channel- and vendor-neutral. Our advice comes without sales calls. Outcomes are game changing, and clients achieve a high-performance workplace for a fraction of the conventional cost.

Our foundation rests firmly on the shoulders of industry experts from every silo in the supply chain. Our charter is to independently lead the way commercial workspace is developed and delivered.

How You Benefit

Whether operating a complex manufacturing facility
or a downtown law office, our tool set allows CEOs to dramatically improve the image and effectiveness of your workplace while simultaneously reducing monthly operating expense.

An occupier of as little as 10,000 square feet will see immediate six figure savings in lease rates. A user of over 25,000 square feet will easily save a million dollars over the lease term. Users who plan to construct and operate their own facility realize even more
dramatic savings!

In short, as an independent third party with impressive strategic planning and procurement capabilities, PlaceValue

  • Consistently reduces current expense
  • Improves productivity
  • Takes the hassle out of implementation by assuming full responsibility for the outcome

Let our team get started helping you realize the increased efficiency, employee morale benefits, and dramatic cost savings that are natural results of our expert workspace planning and implementation process.