industrial workplace optimization & delivery


With PlaceValue on your side, you will have the tools to have a state of the art industrial workspace with productivity, safety, and ease of use custom designed to meet your demanding standards. We guarantee you will get the outcome, delivery and price for the project that you expect from the beginning.  We leverage technology from initial design through the full life cycle, with a value driven approach to sustainability and productivity. PlaceValue brings objectivity, deep subject matter expertise, and leverage—across the whole workplace supply chain.

PlaceValue’s four primary service offerings for industrial spaces include tools for understanding your current facility, safely evaluating multiple future state scenarios, strategizing productivity, reaching consensus, and implementing your plan with our expertise and oversight.


 proprietary current state assessment toolkit is comprised of six lenses through which our experts evaluate the current state of your workplace and guide you through a process of uncovering opportunities for improved organizational competitiveness through strategic workplace design.

  • analysis by SKU, material handling survey/performance evaluation
  • process mapping and productivity analysis
  • facility design mapping, rack/building type configuration analysis
  • expert onsite observation; including facility function, safety, utilization, and churn study, team interviews and user-based measurement
  • lease review
  • document assembly into online docs library
The Power of Place

experts use a discovery process for stakeholders that helps you uncover what’s working, what needs improvement and most importantly, what’s possible in the workplace. Through our interactive workshops and virtual facility tours, placevalue workplace Strategists guide the leadership team through a consensus process to set clear, measurable deliverables for the ideal state and map out a plan to get there.

  • building type comparison
  • cost targets and budgets by scenario
  • 4D integrated modelling, including full 3D models and detailed cost targets by category, to give you the evidence you need to make an informed decision in a safe, non-selling environment
  • lease vs. buy
  • productivity modeling and reporting
  • building type scenario planning
World Class Procurement

Our team sets rigorous standards, then leverages our client purchasing history to secure deep national contracts on building materials, wholesales lease rates, professional service fees, furniture, fixtures, equipment, moving services, even plants and art. You may access our contracts or use them to elevate local bidding process.

  • requirements and timelines
  • job requirements and contracts
  • integrated/multicolumn budget planner
  • access the country’s best designers and architects, no matter what the project size
  • controlled test fits, comparative building assessments
  • pre-approved contracts for all vendors
  • vendor accreditation for all national and local vendors
  • employ dozens of leveraged procurement agreements or take advantage of our accredited bidder platform
  • know the credentials of every service provider
  • orchestrated competitive broker interviews and vetting
  • guaranteed outcome, including workplace performance, delivery time and price
  • 6-month post occupancy surveys
  • 360 degree vendor surveys
New Place

Move management with PlaceValue is organized, easy and fun. Our experts do the heavy lifting so you can focus on generating excitement and helping employees embrace their new space.

  • move plans and education
  • state-of-the-art, web-based change management and onboarding videos for employees
  • responsibility calendars and e-updates to all employees
  • welcome team and move day materials
  • vendor selection and oversight