Workplace Planning Needs to Start Long Before the Move

Scott Price | September 12, 2016
To maximize your investment, begin with a space plan based on your assessed needs.

To maximize your investment, begin with a space plan based on your assessed needs.

According to the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), 92% of project managers lose or leave their jobs after overseeing a major move. It’s a fact that relocating several hundred employees is inherently risky. A great workplace doesn’t just happen, it requires strategic planning, long before you start to look at available locations or begin to call in real estate agents and vendors.

In a typical project, the business owner and his or her team conceive and outline their goals (use, area, occupancy, etc.) to meet specific business objectives. The owner must match present and future needs to the site or space, budget and financing, and timetable available to complete the project. While this may sound simple, there are million different ways things can shift or go wrong, which can make a huge difference in a company’s bottom line for years to come.

It’s all in the planning, and at PlaceValue our discovery process for helps you uncover what’s working, what needs improvement and most importantly, what’s possible in the workplace. Workplace strategists guide leadership teams and project managers through a consensus process to set clear, measurable deliverables and map out a plan to get there.

Once we complete a discovery process, it is essential to model every expense, right from the start of the project. We look carefully at the physical and virtual aspects of the space and look at ways to tie together people, space, and technology to support changing business practices. This approach requires balancing business strategies, short- and long-term costs, and occupant performance. By using this comprehensive approach, workplaces are more effective and offer the best value to all stakeholders. Our workspace modeling provides a 4-dimensional, visual representation of the workspace, so decision makers can see exactly how much space is needed for the work to get done, without missing critical details that are often overlooked. The model is linked to a detailed budget that adjusts as changes to the workspace are made, all before any vendors are hired.

Planning pays off as project team members who participated in the PlaceValue discovery and model the process were promoted– since their effort yielded substantial cost savings, accomplished every objective and measurably improved the work environment.

Bring In An Expert

Planning ahead is only part of the financial consideration when it comes to your next commercial lease. It makes sense to have someone working with you, and for you as you reexamine your workplace needs. As a leading independent planning, procurement and project management firm, PlaceValue helps our clients realize today’s high performance, adaptable work place, objectively and without bias. By aligning business workplace design with business strategy, managing the supply chain for maximum value, integrating project delivery, and leveraging our buying clout, we bring our clients immediate cost savings and long-term return on workplace investment. Our independence, world-class process, and pricing transparency ensure the best possible outcome for your new workspace. And, our fees usually come from the demonstrated savings! Call us to schedule your free consultation today.

If you’d like to read more about how to proper planning and pitfalls to look out for, download our free report, 3 Insider Secrets for Creating a Great Workplace.3SecretsGreatWorkplace