workplace planning process


Business Strategy
  • Identify vital tax, financial and contract strategies
  • Understand essential employee satisfaction and work flow issues and strategies before planning your new environment
  • Know the cost and expense for every aspect of your space – from data/comm to moving expenses – and compare them to your ideal space
  • Ensure your new space utilizes best practices in workplace performance, space optimization, and procurement
  • Know the best ways to structure and negotiate the deal
Execution Expertise
  • Stop thinking about this process like a residential endeavor. Start leveraging your space for lasting competitive advantage
  • Gain insider expertise and tactics from licensed project managers, designers, architects, engineers and real estate professionals – none of whom are working on commission!
  • Avoid common mistakes that cost business owners tens of thousands of dollars in workplace construction and negotiation
  • Protect yourself from being sucked into a time consuming and error prone process by industry sale people (hint: without us, you’re about to meet hundreds of them)


Location Optimization
  • Gain confidence in stay/go migrate decisions with the help of non-commissioned professionals
  • Make more informed judgements about alternative sites
  • Test location impact on employees, clients, prospects and recruits
Process Control
  • Get the right realtor at the right time, rather than settling for a less qualified acquaintance, simple because they were the first to call
  • Utilize comprehensive contract provisions and strategies reserved for only the largest firms
  • Save yourself from exhaustive and distracting property tours
  • Protect your bottom-line from building-to-realtor and trade-to realtor spiffs, incentives and “turnkey” build out schemes
  • Stop the piling on by the realtor and property owner’s various “in house services” (we call them the new construction paparazzi)


Intelligent Space Design
  • Visualize your new space with 3 dimensional modeling
  • Utilize best practices gleaned from across the country, benchmarked by industry
  • Achieve your ultimate aesthetic without being duped by furniture manufacturer’s “exclusive” design insights or pricing plans
  • Realize your completed workspace on time and on budget without interruption of your schedule or distraction from your enterprise
Superior Procurement
  • Tilt the balance of power in your favor with contract provisions prepared by the nation’s top estate and tax experts
  • Insulate the firm from litigation and frivolous claims (our team represents you throughout the process).
  • Pay only for what you need, as this process cuts wasteful fees throughout the lease/own, construction, design and furniture supply chain.
  • Gain peace of mind with services backed by an unconditional guarantee of best products, best outcome, and best price.
  • Include your friends without being beholden to them (our process keeps them both committed and competitive)
  • Stay focused on your business (this can be a time-consuming and expensive process if not handled expertly)
  • Maximize resources as we leverage national buying clout and local knowledge to get 30-40% more value with your new space


Plan and strategize


Find your location


Acquire intelligent space

Using our tested, methodical process, we turn your space into your place

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